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SeOppi Magazine is the only Finnish magazine in the field of e-learning. It is a membership bulletin of the Association of Finnish eLearning Centre.

The SeOppi Magazine offers up-to-date information about the latest phenomena, products and solutions of e-learning and their use. The magazine promotes the use, research and development of e-learning and digital education solutions in companies, educational establishments and other organizations with the help of the best experts.

The SeOppi Magazine gathers professionals, companies, communities and practitioners in the field together and leads them to the sources offering information about e-learning.

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SeOppi 2/2016 will be published in November. The issue will include content both in Finnish and in English.

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Publisher: Association of Finnish eLearning Centre
ISSN number: 1795-3251
Address: Vankanlähde 7 13100 Hämeenlinna Finland
Telephone: +358 40 869 6306
email: titi.tamminen[at]
Editor in Chief: Titi Tamminen

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